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Considerations for Multiple Company Websites

You will commonly meet marketing companies who attempt to help your organization by making multiple company websites with different domain names in hopes that they can use more than one website to route traffic.  This can be effective when done correctly, but commonly there are a few fatal mistakes made that keep a company’s website out of Google search results.

Duplicate Content

More than ever, today’s search engine is looking for duplicate content on the Internet, because of previous “black hat” Internet Marketing tricks.

I frequently see where a company has purchased a new domain name, built a new site, and simply copy and pasted the content from the original site onto the new one.  If you can create a website that serves an exclusive purpose, you won’t have a problem, but you always want to make sure that you are not throwing the hard work you spent on your first website in the trash.

Website Cost

You are going to be paying more money for more domain names, more hosting space, more website maintenance, higher marketing costs, etc.  If extra websites aren’t making your company money, they aren’t worth the expense.

Is it a Quality Company Website?

Websites with stock photos, and a basic theme are one of the biggest turn-offs to Internet users today.  If you are going to make a second website, you are going to need to make sure that it is as quality as your primary website.  It can also be somewhat damaging to your brand’s cohesiveness.

There are other factors that go into implementing multiple websites, but these three help ensure you aren’t digging yourself into a hole.  Of course, you can always have an Internet Marketing company help as well.  Having extra expertise around always helps implementing any sort of marketing strategy.

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