Google Rokit SEO | Duplicate Content | Bad Internet Marketing Practices | Scottsdale, AZ
Rokit SEO | Duplicate Content | Bad Internet Marketing Practices | Scottsdale, AZ

Duplicate Content: spend $2000/month on Internet Marketing with minimal impact

It’s not uncommon for at Internet Marketing company to lock a business in for a six-month contract, charge $2,000 per month, and make business owners wonder what they are paying for.  Time and time again, I am showing companies how they rank compared to their competition, and they are constantly upset with the results. If you are one of these business owners, I personally am sorry, and embarrassed that these services exist.  It gives Internet Marketing a bad name, and continues to discourage businesses from investing in the best opportunity to enhance their bottom line.


If you’ve been through the whole song and dance of search engine optimization (SEO) services, you have had a company stress the importance of a blog.  A blog is a great way to enhance your overall Internet presence when done correctly.  Unfortunately, there are many companies that abuse this, and have destroyed website rankings because of it.

As an Internet user, you may have noticed that Google has gone through some sort of an evolution.  One of the newest, and largest links of this evolution includes a strict judgment on the content of a website.   The more unique and well written your website’s content is, the higher the chances are of ranking at all.  With this new adherence comes the elimination of old SEO tactics.

Duplicate Content:

Up until recently, one of the “operations” by many SEO companies was to create two blogs that contain the same body content with different title tags and headings.  This would allow the blog to fish for different keywords, and it proved to be slightly effective for a short point in time.  Today, if you still have this technique lingering on your blog, you have already destroyed your website’s ranking.

There are many other examples of duplicate content on a website:

-       Constant repetition of company procedures and policies on every page

-       Descriptions copy and pasted for different staff in different sections of a website.

-       Multiple Events on a calendar that have the same body content.

-       Copying a competitor’s blog, and posting it to that company’s website.

The situations aren’t endless, but there are definitely more, and any of these are unquestionably hurting any website that they still exist on.

Detect Duplicate Content On Your Website:

There are multiple website crawlers that you can use to detect duplicate content:

Screaming Frog:

Not my favorite, but it can definitely get the job done.  It’s free, and when free is all you have, it’s great.’s RogerBot:

Roger is the crawler from  He is very in-depth, and gives you more information about your website than you know what to do with if you are not very well-versed with the terms.  Luckily, they have lots of tutorials to help you understand the metrics you’re viewing.  There are free 30-day trials of a basic Moz package, it is definitely worth checking out.


This is the crawler that our company uses, it’s not for everyone, but the ability to track and work on your own company’s Internet presence is definitely at your control with Raventools.  You can do a free 30-day trial, and their crawler is definitely the most sensitive I have worked with, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Contact an Internet Marketing Professional you trust:

You can give us a call; you can call your buddy that does this if you want.  There are lots of great companies that have quality services, and they shouldn’t have a problem helping you.  Either way, we all have tools that can detect duplicate content, and it doesn’t cost us much to run a quick crawl.