Google Rokit SEO | Pay Per Click Advertising | PPC Advertising | Scottsdale, Arizona
Rokit SEO | Pay Per Click Advertising | PPC Advertising | Scottsdale, Arizona

Pay Per Click

We offer complete Internet advertising services, including Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. We can reach a global, national and/or local audience with either a broad or narrowly targeted message.

PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising, or “pay per click” advertising, takes many different forms on the Internet. One of the most famous is obviously Google AdWords, and it is absolutely one of the most common advertising techniques in today’s Internet marketing industry.

Google AdWords

We can create both Text and Display Campaigns for anyone’s Google AdWord needs. Each variety is effective in its own way: the Text ads are great for getting your advertisement into the first few pages of a search result, and the display ads are great at getting your company’s brand in front of millions of users. By using demographic targeting, we are able to make sure that your ads are reaching the desired target market of your company.

Social Media Advertising

Various social media sites such as Facebook have their own variation of PPC advertising that works on a “like” basis. When utilized with great content, this proves to be an incredibly effective way to not only enhance your social media presence, but actually create a return on your social media investments, and enhance overall leads from Facebook.

Additional Internet Advertising

In additional to traditional PPC Campaigns, there are a number of other outlets for paid online advertising. Before determining which one is right for a company, we do a thorough analysis of a specific industry to make sure our clients do not waste their money.

Each campaign is unique, and requires explicit attention that cannot be quantified without a thorough evaluation. We would love to help your company find the right solution, contact us today, so we can help you stand out from your competition.