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Rokit SEO | Search Engine Optimization | Inbound Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Inbound Marketing: The new search engine optimization

With the number of Internet users increasing at rapid rates, and even more by smart phones, search engine optimization will continue to be a service that gives companies a competitive edge.  It is very uncommon for most people to ever search past the 2nd page of a Google search, and it is our job to get you to page 1.  We use the most “white-hat” techniques possible for your website optimization, and we pride ourselves in being a great company because of it.  Our product is seen as a “high-end” service because it provides amazing results, and our clients feel that they also are getting what they pay for.


It is easy for other companies to promise you websites, first page rankings for keywords, and all other notions of making money off of the Internet.  It is also very easy for companies to not stay updated on the search engine algorithm updates, and therefore completely compromise all efforts and funds invested up to that point.  Not only do we read each search engine update with a fine-tooth comb, we have a team of advisors doing the same thing, and running their own businesses as well.  With the amount of research that we as a company exert, it will be very hard for our services to not deliver pleasing results.


Each SEO Service Includes:


  • Full SEO Website Content Analysis and Optimization: We make sure that your website looks like a perfect specimen to Google, who is the toughest search engine to please.
  • Integrated Internet Marketing: Each of our packages include our own strategic marketing services. This includes choosing the appropriate channels to submit listings and information to, effective awareness strategies, and client lifecycle strategies to maximize leads.
  • Website Keyword Research and Optimization:We make sure that your targeted keywords are the right keywords, and that the right usage of keywords are applied.
  • Search Engine Map Optimization: We make sure that you can be found on any search engine’s map correctly, alone with any smartphone map being used.
  • Information Rich Google Listings: We make sure that your posts appear as professional as possible.
  • Local Mentions: We make sure that your business shows up on different directories that give your business a better local presence.
  • Blog Content Creation and Distribution: We attract more people to your website by creating informative articles that people want to read.
  • $0/mo
  • Package 1
  •  5 Keyword Optimization
  •  2 Local Mentions
  •  2 Blog Posts
  • Contact!
  • $100/d
  • Package 2
  •  10 Keyword Optimization
  •  5 Local Mentions
  •  3 Blog Posts
  •  2 Online PR Publications
  • Contact!
  • $100/d
  • Package 3
  • 20 Keyword Optimization
  • 10 Local Mentions
  • 4 Blog Posts
  • 4 Online PR Publications
  •  3 Content Assets
  • Contact!
  • $100/d
  • Package 3
  • 30 Keyword Optimization
  • 15 Local Mentions
  • 5 Blog Posts
  • 6 Online PR Publications
  • 4Content Assets
  •  1 Press Release
  • Contact!