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Social Media Management

Social Media is something that is quickly taking over Google, Bing, and Yahoo! search results, and in today’s competitive markets, having well-executed social media campaigns can pay off for your firm exponentially. Though it is hard to measure the overall ROI, social media will help your company maintain a good public image, and drive quality, unique visitors to your website that also proves to drive sales. By utilizing the correct channels, it is possible to expand your company awareness by showing the world how great it really is.

With a company’s correspondence, we maintain Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts. We have two different package prices, depending on how much you would like to spread company awareness on the social media waves. Both of our social media packages can be changed at any time for the other, given the amount of attention you are looking for.

Service Includes:


  • Pinterest Profile Optimization: We make sure that not only your website’s pictures are there, and your website’s message, but that it is a fully optimized Pinterest account as well, including topics from your interests as a company.
  • LinkedIn Profile and Business Page Optimization: We will make sure that at least one of your company representatives is posting updates on behalf of your firm on a consistent basis, as long as it refers to industry and business-related information.
  • Access to your own customer portal: As a client of ours, you can view your progress and results for your Facebook, Twitter, and Google + profiles on our personalized user portal so you can check the success of the campaign you are paying for.
  • Monthly Reporting: We do monthly reporting Pinterest and LinkedIn profiles, and we can deliver report for Facebook, Twitter, and Google + for management purposes.
  • Branded Profile Designs: Each profile will be set up with your company logo and images of how you would like to be best represented.
  • Website Integration: We will make sure that not only do your social media profiles direct people to your homepage, but that your homepage also directs people to your social media profiles to enhance the overall user experience.
  • Social Search Enhancements: We make sure that you are properly populating search engines with your posts, and that they aren’t going unnoticed.
  • $400/d
  • Package 1
  •  12 Twitter posts per month
  •  12 Facebook posts per month
  •  12 Google + posts per month
  • Contact
  • $500/d
  • Package 2
  •  16 Twitter posts per month
  •  16 Facebook posts per month
  •  16 Google + posts per month
  • Contact

If you feel that you have the resources and ability to run your own social media campaigns, however, you need pointed in the right direction, we also offer social media consulting that costs $80 per month in 6-month and 1-year contracts.