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What is a Website Without Optimization?

The optimization of a website is pivotal for its organic ranking successMany companies invest several thousand dollars developing a website in hopes of gaining attention and sales, but never see a return from major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! The reason for this can range from duplicate content, to poor website structure, to old school search engine optimization (SEO) companies “helping” your website with some “black-hat” tactics. In the end, it does good to spend between $2,000 and $20,000 on a website, IF it can’t be found on the web.

Getting your website to show up, or ‘rank’ highly, on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. is a process that requires precise decisions to let a search engine know about your website. It is very easy to make mistakes, but in the right hands, or guided by the right people, most business can have success on the Internet.

Optimizing a Website

The idea of “optimizing” your website for search engine traffic is straight-forward for most computer savvy people that have access to their website’s back-end (website title tags, header tags, etc.). The difficult part as a business owner is knowing what content goes where, and what content is right for your website. In today’s reality, “content is king” in Internet Marketing, and as a business, your website’s content makes a huge impact on how a search engine defines your company and determines your relevance for a given search.

Inbound Marketing: The new Search Engine Optimization

Inbound Marketing services have become the new solution to what search engine optimization efforts used to address. The difference is that Inbound Marketing focuses on not only your website having appropriate content, but that your company creates a plethora of other content for the Internet that readers find useful, and EARN backlinks for your website.

“Old-School” SEO Linking Schemes

Once upon a time (7 + years ago), you could pay different websites all over the world to give you links to your website for specific keywords. Your website would dominate the first page of a Google Search Result. Since then, Google has penalized these schemes, and they have made it known that “content is king” and they will reward websites that create unique and legitimate content. It is easy to still find these “SEO” companies out there, and many of them can make an impact for a short period of time, but typically the long-term negative impacts out-weigh the short-term benefit. By creating note-worthy, and useful information on your industry alone, a business can find itself quickly at the top of any Google, Bing, or Yahoo! search result page.

Content Creation

When done properly, making YouTube videos, Infographics, Press Releases, Editorials, Business Write-ups, and other types of useful information on the web can make your website explode in a Google, Bing, or Yahoo! search result.

Finding the right people for the job can be a difficult process, and many people delay investing in optimizing their website due to previous experiences with the old school “SEO” companies. To help with this I have written a blog on How To Select An Effective Inbound Marketing Service that you can find on my website at

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